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What Category does Beaver Creek Lake Blog Fit In

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The End of a Blog Journey

With the installation of the AAA building in the empty parking lot next to this little lake I called Beaver Creek Lake, because it had a beaver in it and a little creek fed it from under Apex Peakway, my beagle and I almost completely stopped walking around it.

So it is time to close out this little bloglet, which was part of the early blogging experience I had, the photographs sharing a love for nature, and the simple beauty that can be seen in the most ordinary of things. Time to say thank you to the inhabitants of those townhomes who shared the walkway and the lake with us walkers. Time to move on and accomplish other things.

It is May, 2010, two years since I first began these Google blogs. It will come time to chose what content to port to a book as a memento of this journey, and what content to begin to ask Google to release, if it ever does from its caches.

Thank you all of you who visited, one at a time, and probably never more than once, from many places around the world as you explored the most recent blog updated, or searched for some word that I had written upon this site.

It's been good.

Anora McGaha
Apex, North Carolina, USA
May 18, 2010

Sunday, August 9, 2009

New AAA Service Building Up

Just behind the shopping center at Apex Peakway and Hwy 55 the once long vacant lot now hosts the shell of a new building for the AAA Service center. You can barely see beyond it through the trees to the little lake I've called little Beaver Creek Lake since I started this blog.

At first disappointed that such a lovely spot next to a little lake with a full walking path would not be home to a romantic restaurant with outdoor seating and a view of the sunset over the slopes of Haddon Hall subdivision, I, like others, have to settle for the nature of town development, that more and more wild and natural areas will be leveled for commerce. Commerce does bring more services to the community and more income to the town coffers, allowing for more investment in community services like the great walking trails and parks that Apex has.

Drive by and see this building before it is completed. For little ones who haven't stopped to look at what makes up a building, this can be interesting.

The lake, as I've written before, is still accessible from behind the shopping center next to it, where there is a path through the hedge onto the hillside part of the lakeside path.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Walkway Around Little Beaver Creek Lake

Around April 16th the parking lot access to the walkway around little Beaver Creek Lake was closed off as the area is getting prepared for a new AAA auto station.

Access to the path around the lake is still available from behind the shopping center next to it. There is very little parking if any at the nearby townhome complex.

The WoodDucks Left Two Weeks Ago

Three little woodducks spent the winter on little Beaver Creek Lake, and just two weeks ago were gone. They were here last year too, but I didn't notice when they left.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Handsome Canadian Goose

There's something so elegant and strong about a canadian goose. Could it be the tuxedo coloring on the face and neck? The cashmere colored feathers on their backs? Or the power of their wings flapping as they take flight into the air with the determination of the Blue Angels jets soaring into the sky. I watched three birds set to the sky with a power that took my breath away. Just because there's so many of them in the area, let's not forget how they grace our developed earth with their beauty.
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The First Blues of Spring

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Monday, December 29, 2008

December Birds on Beaver Creek Lake

geese resting on the water, three geese flying, a flock of geese, a mallard and its wake in the water

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lone Swan Visits Beaver Creek Lake

Today, Sunday, November 9th, a lone white swan sailed around Beaver Creek Lake in the brilliant sunshine under a blue blue sky.

No one at the lake had seen a swan visit before. There are two swans at Lake Pine. And several swans I hear near Whole Foods at Tryon and Kildaire Farm Road. But this is the first time we'd seen a swan here.

"He won't stay long," several people said, "not when the Canadian Geese return after their daily forrays. There are over 250 geese who make this little lake their home. Too many one resident says. Hopefully some will split off and find another home.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Guerrilla Gardening?

Next to Apex Peakway at Highway 55, at Beaver Creek Lake, there is at least one corn plant growing next to a field of weeds (wild plants). And next to the lake itself is a squash plant? Out in Arizona, I learned that there is a practice of guerrilla gardening, where one drops seeds, seemingly randomly on property that is not yours, but is not otherwise being used. Then one can casually cultivate the crop without attracting attention.

Here's one site on the topic of Guerrilla Gardening.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Brown Necked Canadian Goose

In the past week we've noticed a brown necked Canadian Goose, as if it were a mix with a kind of gray goose. It alone has this coloring in the flock.

strange colored, different, mixed, mutant, variations in goose colorings, cross-breeding, cross-species, apex geese, august, the triangle, north carolina, the piedmont, southeastern usa

The Beaver!

Today for the very first time, we saw the beaver.

In five months of walking at Beaver Creek Lake, there was no sign of him/her, except a few months ago, seeing the sapling birches cut off at the knee.

Don't know if there is just one. This one didn't look too happy - not that beavers look happy normally - but maybe they do. He/she didn't seem to travel any faster because we were walking by, just seemed steady on its course to the Peakway bridge, on the other side of which is its nest.

On the other side of the lake, we met a man with his rescued golden retriever. I mentioned we'd seen the beaver, and he sounded concerned. "I don't think he'll be able to do much damage now that the birches have wire around their trunks."

It's a sad feeling to imagine this little wild creature surrounded by roads and houses, trying to survive. Almost wish it could be removed safely and taken out to Jordan lake, but certainly not killed.

Tonight, on the exit ramp at 64 West, just after Laura Duncan Road, a young deer lay by the roadside. There still are deer in this now all to urbanized area, and they still are dying on the roads. Wish there was a way to handle this without so much harm to the wildlife whose land this was, in some cases only just months ago.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Kildeer - Three of them

At least three Kildeer birds are now hanging around the grass lawns on the other side of Route 55, on Apex Peakway, across the street from the WakeMed HealthPlex.

I searched the areas where they were wandering about, but didn't find a nest.

The Duck Family

Six vivacious ducklings, staying very close to Mom, one less than on an earlier visit.

As my dog wandered off the path towards them, the little ones peeped in alarm and scurried into the water.

The Lake is Full Again

After a week of rains, Beaver Creek Lake is full again. All the mud is covered.

From the Peakway parking lot entrance looking towards the Peakway Bridge - we could call it Beaver's Dam Bridge since that's where the Beaver's dam is, the water covers all the lake bottom now.

Across the Beaver's Bridge looking out towards the berm facing Route 55. The lake is full!

This morning, the geese were in the Peakway parking area eating grass.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lakeside Gardens

One of a number of sunflowers!

Voluptuous blossoming bush and bench.

Two almost completely camouflaged morning doves on the lower landing of this deck. A fountain lies behind the greens.

A bird's paradise, bluebird nest, seed feeder, hummingbird feeder.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lake is Filling Up

The white pipes that helped drain some of the lake water, at the far side of the lake (closer to Haddon Hall subdivision - see far side of picture below) are now gone. The lake levels have now recovered about half of the ground that was exposed with the landscaping work done mostly on the lake side in this picture below.

No Geese on the Lake this Morning

Not a goose on the lake this morning, just a group of mallards by the Peakway Bridge, and a new mallard family of 7 little ones by the hillside bridge.

It was a gray day, but even gray days have their beauty. Normal if this were the British Isles or Washington State, but not so normal for the Carolina Blue skies of North Carolina.